Love your favorite clothes for longer – for a more sustainable future

Extending the lifespan of clothing by an extra nine months can reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by between 20% and 30%.* That’s why Electrolux washers and dryers feature new care technology that helps your clothes to last longer — reducing their impact on the environment.

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Experience the most effective stain
removing washer with SmartBoost®

Exclusive SmartBoost® technology premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent — so that you can love your favorite clothes longer.

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Optic Whites cycle keeps whites whiter than bleach

Enhance juiciness, texture and flavor with our in-oven air sous vide. This technology uses air instead of water to deliver perfectly-cooked salmon filets and other delectable proteins.

Protect your most precious fabrics with Balanced Dry™

Keep your clothes looking their best with Balanced Dry. It eliminates temperature spikes and keeps your garments cooler throughout the cycle without adding additional dry time.

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A more precise dry with our LuxCare® Dry System

Save time and energy and protect items from over- or under-drying with our unique sensor that detects humidity on the surface and inside items so that all your fabrics are treated with precision and care.